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Author Suzanna Eibuszyc: Memory Is Our Home Book | Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance, January 27th, Russians liberated Auschwitz 78 ago.

My Book’s purpose is to honor Memory, History, Elie Wiesel’s impact on me and my mother’s determination. Using history, I validate the Firsthand Accounts.

Wiesel’s horrors, surviving Auschwitz and Buchenwald, triggered in me my childhood memories, of growing up with the ghosts of my mother’s murdered family.

In our home, my mother talked about unthinkable things. The Month-long bombing, Warsaw on fire, devastation, horror and death. How she survived and ran east to Russia and Uzbekistan.
My mother was the only one in her family who read Mein Kampf, after the Nazis enter Warsaw, she escaped.

Her married siblings thought it was best to stay in Warsaw and endure the war. At this time there existed the belief that the great German civilization would never hurt women and children.
Hannah Arendt, coined “the banality of evil". Not monsters but ordinary people were able to follow Hitler’s murderess ideology.

Holocaust was rationally organized, “clean”, industrial, it combines modern technology with a horrific human brutality and those crimes were going to be expunged from history. My mother’s neighborhood, all the streets she writes about from after WWI and the interwar period became the Warsaw Ghetto. My mother fled; the Warsaw Ghetto is enclosed.

On the Russian side, my mother's life is saved by a Russian soldier. For the next six years my mother is surviving in Stalin’s Russia and Uzbekistan. After Hitler attacks Russia she joined the Polish army in Uzbekistan. Plagued by hunger, disease, malaria and participates in the illegal black market in order to eat.

Almost one year after the war is over and Poland is under communist control, she is allowed to return home. The Return to Poland, Elie Wiesel said, “there are places in my mind I dares not enter for the fear of going mad”. As a child, I heard my mother say, “I lost part of my sanity after I returned to Warsaw and found not one person from my family to be among the living.”

Our life under communism, with parents who refused to join the communist party. Our immigration to America in the late 1960s.

Suzanna Eibuszyc, Author
New Book: Memory Is Our Home

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January 2023

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